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Installing a d8site branch

Instructions to Install a d8site Branch.

mkdir yoursitefolder
cd yoursitefolder
git clone -b blogger --single-branch ./


Installing a Drupal 8 site from existing configuration

Installing a Drupal 8 site from existing configuration.

First download the site's code from the repository:

Using the Terminal, move into your development directory

cd ~/dev

Create a

Create a settings.local.php file for Drupal development

To enable development specific functions and configuration, create a local settings file.

Manage & Install Patches with Composer in Drupal

Contributed modules or core Drupal code sometimes require patches. Use Composer to automate the patching process.

Drupal 8 Installation Setup with Terminal or browser

Drupal 8 installation setup with terminal or browser

Install Command-line utilities for Drupal 8

When developing with Drupal, install these tools to speed up the process.

Creating a sticky header for mobile navigation

When building a website, often it's helpful to use a sticky header for navigation on handheld devices. A sticky header remains at the top of the viewport, even as the user scrolls down the page. Below

Importing and Exporting Drupal Configuration

Export the Drupal configuration using Configuration-split:export, then commit and push the changes to the repo. Next, move to your production server, pull the changes and import the updated configuration.

Setting Up a New Drupal 8 Installation

To quickly set up an installation of Drupal, use these commands. The setup based on drupal/recommended project will be a great starting point for a new project.

My First Article

Hello World!? Is this thing on?? Does anyone even need a blog?