Setting Up a New Drupal 8 Installation

To begin, use composer to download the default project profile.

Do a default install with Composer:

composer create-project drupal/recommended-project PROJECT_NAME --no-interaction

Do a modified install with Composer:

To make modifications to the composer.json file before installing, use this command:

composer create-project drupal/recommended-project PROJECT_NAME --no-interaction --no-install

From here, make any modifications to the composer.json that you want to include during install. Since using command-line utilities Drush and Drupal Console will be essential, this can be added to composer.json and included in the installation.

    "require": {

and add two lines beneath the current content in the "require" section:

    "require": {
        "drush/drush": "^10.1"

One the desired modifications have been made, return to the terminal and:

composer install

Complete the install

This will download all the required Drupal 8 core files based on the information in your composer file.

The output instructions require one more step before install:

  * Remove the plugin that prints this message:
      composer remove drupal/core-project-message

Move into your project directory and issue the command

composer remove drupal/core-project-message

Using command-line utilities

After install, if you haven't already used the instructions above, you'll want to include the very useful command-line utilities Drush and Drupal Console. They don't come with drupal/recommended-project. These tools provide powerful ways to speed up your development process.

Next Steps

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